3 words to describe myself: I’m a Synner, a human synthesizer, from Pat Cadigan’s book of the same name. I am also a rhetor, a crafter of experiences and products that are situationally aware and contextual. And I am a geek because I like nothing better than to geek out on learning the problem spaces I work in. I love hard questions, complex tasks, messy data, and complicated problems. My patron saint is Don Quixote.


Journey Builder Enablement

Salesforce / 2016 — 2017

In November 2016, the new CEO of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud launched an initiative to improve customer satisfaction and help our customers onboard to our marketing automation tool, Journey Builder. I was tapped to led a cross-functional team of 3 UX researchers, 2 designers, and a content writer to create an enablement strategy and deliver customer-facing documentation by January 2017, and provide a framework for improving in-product learning experience.  More

Contact Builder and Expression Builder

Salesforce  / 2012 — 2014

When I began at ExactTarget, we were just beginning new product work to build a consolidated data model and data management system for marketers. The product was called Contact Builder and would provide cross-channel functionality for marketing users to create, consume, and view customer data in an easy and simple wa. We also needed to make it easy for our customers to query the data model and create marketing audiences. For over two years, I led the design team and conducted research on the MVP launch and subsequent redesigns of the suite of data management products.  More

Open Account Redesign 

Vanguard  / 2007 — 2008

I was the usability engineer on a large project team tasked with redesigning the Open Account flow. I conducted six RITE studies over the course of several months to help finalize an innovative goal-state design and decrease the number of steps between 30 to 80%.  More


Focus Areas : Product strategy, Data management, Journey mapping, Agile methodology, Integration practices, Data governance, Enterprise personas, User enablement, SaaS/Enterprise products

Research Methodologies : Usability testing (Formative, Concept, RITE, Evaluative), Accessibility (using ZoomText and JAWS), Conextual Inquiry and Interviewing, Persona Development, Participatory Design, Task Analysis, Cognitive Walkthrough, Survey Development and Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation

Software : Adobe Product Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, XD, InDesign), Sketch, Balsamiq, Invision, Sublime Text, Final Cut Pro, Morae/Camtasia, SurveyMonkey, GetFeedback, Google Analytics, Miro Board, JIRA

Programming : Python, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, API